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Wuxi: Taihu Lake Talent Plan to boost modern industries

By (chinadaily.com.cn)Updated: 2016-09-12 14:19

Aspiring to forge smart, green, service-oriented, high-end modern industries and build a prosperous city, Wuxi has rolled out a guideline on implementing the Taihu Lake Talent Plan, which invites elites from home and abroad to join the city’s efforts in boosting the development of its modern industries.

Under the talent plan, which covers industrial development, key policies and organizational support, eligible enterprises will receive various subsidies – job subsidy, salary subsidy and settlement subsidy – for introducing and cultivating top talents in six categories.

Leading professionals that are introduced by Wuxi’s enterprises independently or jointly with universities or research institutions based in the city. They are required to have a master’s or doctoral degree, and have worked for at least five years or serve as an associate professor, research associate or above at the time of introduction. As high-end professionals, they are expected to have made major technological innovations, led major research programs and tackled core technological bottlenecks, and can help advance the city’s industrial transformation and upgrading.

Policy support:

Outstanding entrepreneurs that have served for at least five years in leading or major management posts at Wuxi’s large and medium-sized enterprises, which have a leading position in terms of performance on major economic indicators;

Technopreneurs that have made remarkable achievements in optimizing traditional industries and boosting the development of an emerging industry;

Senior management talents that have advanced management philosophy, with remarkable achievements made in entrepreneurship and innovation.

Policy support:

Technicians and engineers that are introduced or cultivated by Wuxi-based enterprises in the field of advanced manufacturing. They should have acquired essential expertise and technological know-how to be able to break major technological bottlenecks; And Chinese technicians who have strong capabilities in making technological innovations, as well as overseas engineers who work part-time for Wuxi-based enterprises.

Policy support:

Leading technological professionals who come to Wuxi to launch enterprises and are able to lead the development of a certain industry. They should have a master’s or doctoral degree, have worked for at least five years and own key technologies with independent intellectual property rights. Their technological achievements should fill in a gap in a certain industry and can be translated into industrial application. They should also be familiar with related industries and international practices, bring their teams, technology, projects and capital to Wuxi and hold a stake of no less than 30 percent in the start-up company.

Policy support:

High-level professionals that are introduced in the fields of venture capital, technology and finance, law, financial affairs, human resources, intellectual property, service outsourcing and e-commerce. They should be able to boost enterprises’ development to a higher end of the industry and the market, as well as increase their value. They are expected to enjoy a good fame, with a big influence in the industry, and have previous successful experiences in planning and implementing service models.

Policy support:

Outstanding fresh graduates introduced by Wuxi-based enterprises who are badly needed by the city’s traditional dominating industries and strategic emerging industries. They should have a doctoral, master’s or bachelor's degree from a full-time university (including foreign ones recognized by the state).

Policy support:

In addition to the above-mentioned six categories, eligible professionals will also receive a subsidy accordingly as follows:

The Taihu Lake Talent Plan will always provide high-quality services to professionals and assist them in securing residence permits, health care and children’s schooling. It will also offer efficient and convenient services in policy consultation, project planning, recruitment, investment, company registration, settlement and medical wellness, among others.

The Wuxi government will continue to make assessments on professionals based on their contributions, and try to create a mutually beneficial environment for professionals and industries.

The Taihu Lake Talent Plan, which carries on the city’s far-sighted concept of valuing talents, is an innovative move eyeing further improvements under the guidance of the state. It is an important part of the city’s economic activities and will lay a solid foundation for its growth. Focusing on boosting industrial development and serving enterprises, the program will help the Wuxi government improve the city’s talent supply system and build a foundation for talented people to make their dreams come true.

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