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Your Chances

Professional HR solution


Abundant educational resource to ensure talent supply

● Jiangnan University to provide excellent professionals

Reputed as the "Pearl of China's Light Industry Higher Education", Wuxi-based Jiangnan University is one of China's national key "211 Project" universities, and functions directly under China's Ministry of Education. Its main disciplines are food science, bioengineering, textile engineering, pharmacy and Internet of Things. The university ranks within the top 1 percent in food science, according to data from the Essential Science Indicators (ESI), providing an excellent talent pool and abundant scientific research resources.

● Large numbers of world-famous universities can be reached within a 150-km radius of WND.

Wuxi is located near Shanghai and Nanjing, a talent pool of top universities. One third of Chinese universities can be reached within a two-hour drive, such as Fudan University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Nanjing University and Zhejiang University. Compared with some first-tier cities, Wuxi enjoys convenient transportation and lower house prices, which is a strong impetus for high-end talent to settle down.

● Advanced resources for vocational training providing high-tech talents

Wuxi has been attracting large numbers of application-oriented talents due to its favorable location and transportation. The city has 48 vocational schools and 250,000 technicians. The percentage of senior professionals in Wuxi is twice of the national average level. Wuxi receives 45,000 new graduates annually, while those graduating from Wuxi-based colleges and universities stands at 30,000.

All-round talent solutions to promote enterprises' recruitment

●  Industry-academy-research collaboration system and sharing platform

WND encourages cooperation between enterprises, universities and scientific research institutions from home and abroad. To date, there is a string of research institutes which have settled down, including Shanghai Jiao Tong University Wuxi Research Institute, Institute of Sensing Technology and Business, BUPT (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications) and Hi-tech Research Institute of Nanjing University.

WND also set up an industry-academy-research sharing platform. Enterprises in the district can apply for government subsidies, when signing cooperation contracts with universities and scientific research institutions through the sharing platform. The sharing platform not only provides the updates of the district's scientific research and supporting polices but also acts as a site for enterprises to show their achievements.

In addition, the district also launched a public science and technology resources sharing mechanism for enterprises. They can use the sharing platform to do R&D, experiments, commercialization of scientific results, data application and development, as well as for the application of intellectual property.


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