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Liu Jun of Shiling Tech: from entrepreneur to emperor of mobile healthcare

By (chinadaily.com.cn)Updated: 2016-09-19 15:47

Editor's Note: Many entrepreneurs settle down in Wuxi after careful consideration and investigation. Liu Jun (Jason Liu), chairman of Shiling Tech, knew that Wuxi National Hi-tech District (WND) was perfect for his company from the start. As a result, he has built a prosperous Internet of Things (IoT) company which integrates advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology.

Wuxi Shiling Tech is US-based BayNexus' R&D and production base in Asia-Pacific region, specializing in RFID development and smart healthcare application services. Its main product, passive microwave REID terminal: Smart Digital Assistant (SDA), is a world leader in the field of handheld devices for healthcare applications in China.

Overseas returnee "fell in love" with WND

Born in Hubei province, Liu Jun had always been a straight-A student. Liu studied in a class for gifted young at Huazhong University of Science and Technology. He got his master's degree of electronic engineering from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 1995.

The same year, he went to Canada to further his major in McMaster University with a full scholarship. After graduating with a PhD, Liu worked in the communication industry for several famous companies in North America, including Canada's Nortel Networks Corp and US-based Neology.

He gained abundant experience, and was placed in charge of several R&D projects as chief technology officer (CTO), including RFID development and design of its readers and chips.

It was a large Japanese order to apply RFID in the daily management of hospitals that aroused Liu's interest in the medical treatment in 2010. The successful contract of this technological development spurred him to start his own business back to China.

When asked about why he chose to settle down in Wuxi, Liu replied without hesitation, that WND boasts an excellent environment for this industry. Preferential policies to support overseas returnees' startups, brings convenience for his company to absorb investments and funds during preliminary phases.

WND also organizes regular cooperation programs between local colleges and enterprises, which helps his company to spread its trials and recruit key technical personnel.

From needing an "entrepreneurial nanny" to becoming an enterprise elite

Liu highly appreciated the support from WND in technology subsidies, patent application and talent recruitment.

For technology startup companies, intermediate technical personnel are rare and precious, RFID talents in particular. Shiling benefited a lot from WND's 530 Office, specializing in service for returnees, successfully introducing plenty reserves of talents during its initial stage. Most of them have been pillars of Shiling over the years.

Launched in 2009, WND's "Entrepreneurial Nanny" program is also a big help for startup companies. Shiling's senior executive, Xu Kai, was recruited in this way. A university graduate majoring in Japanese, Xu was designated to Shiling as an executive assistant, after rigid training of administration and human resources. He was paid by the WND finance department to help Shiling become better accustomed to WND.

Liu appreciated Xu's prudence and responsibility in his daily work, which saved a lot of time for Shiling to get familiar with WND's related policies and regulations. Communication with staff is crucial, the recognition and confirmation of their value provides them with the impetus to keep pushing, Liu said. So he offered a management position for Xu.

"Swipe" yourself: era of IoT-based hospital approaches

Shiling's M-Health system, an intelligent nursing system, is the core technology applied in its cooperation with Wuxi No 3 People's Hospital to establish a smart hospital of IoT.

It is based on mobile nursing of IoT, extending to surgery management, clinical blood transfusion, materials management, and medical quality control.

In a smart hospital, nurses can quickly identify each patient through swiping the special wrist strap with a terminal. The doctors' diagnosis and information about medicine will also be displayed, with real-time reporting of the patient's signs and symptoms. Meanwhile, the intelligent medicine cabinet will prepare matched medicines, with the back-office system upgrading information simultaneously warning of medicine expiry dates.

"The system is to provide intelligent and convenient service for humans," Liu said. Subdivided smart terminals are the future of the market, which can be applied to establish a community health IoT platform. Residents can receive treatment near their house, including heath record checks, chronic disease management and diagnosis.

Shiling is developing industry-academy-research collaboration with domestic and overseas colleges and universities for personnel recruitment and innovation. Liu believes Shiling has a promising future to increase its market share in intelligent healthcare. In the first stage of its program, Shiling had business deals with 50 hospitals, expected to yield revenues of 60 million yuan ($8.99 million) annually as of 2016. A further300 hospitals are expected to apply its systemin 2017.

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