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GE Healthcare speeds up its localization in Wuxi


GE Healthcare China, the medical care unit of General Electric Co in China, says "making Chinese people get more precise diagnosis and treatment" is its mission.

As one of the five biggest production bases of GE Healthcare in China, GE Healthcare China (Wuxi Medical) is speeding up its localization strategy to produce more products aimed at Chinese market, in a bid to provide first-class medical services to Chinese consumers.

The Wuxi production base celebrated its 20th anniversary on May 20 this year. During the event, the company signed a strategic agreement with Wuxi People's Hospital for industry-academy-research collaboration to lay a foundation in the local medical services market.

To date, the company has hundreds of international and national patents with a total investment of more than 1 billion yuan ($150 million) for funding research and development. As well as rolling out 65 new products, GE's largest ultrasonic production base in the world is located in the city, with its high-end ultrasonic equipment ranking top in the industry.

Established in 1996, GE Healthcare's Wuxi subsidiary has developed from a single assembly plant of ultrasonic products to an advanced manufacturing company, integrating seven production lines, customer services and talent training.

The subsidiary's products have been sold to US, Europe and Japan, making itself GE Healthcare's biggest production base for ultrasonic products in the world.

The company has a 100 percent localized rate in R&D, purchase and production for its ultrasonic equipment. Its ultrasonic product team is composed entirely of local staff from employees to management.

"We are committed to creating the most localized multinational company as well as the most globalized local company," said an official of GE Healthcare's Wuxi subsidiary. The company adopts a reverse innovation strategy to constantly provide affordable products and solutions to meet the demands of the Chinese market.

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