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Yakult's Wuxi plant: transparent production and healthy lives


Editor's Note: Nowadays the public has a greater understanding of the health benefits of probiotics. Yakult, a well-known Japanese probiotic yogurt brand, which has seen its steadily growing sales in China, captured a large market share. In response, the company has set up a production base in Wuxi to cater to the growing demand.

Japanese-based Yakult Honsha Co announced that Wuxi Yakult Co., Ltd., a production subsidiary of Yakult (China) Corporation, began production of its Yakult fermented milk drink on June 1, 2015. The Wuxi plant is located in the Wuxi National Hi-tech District (WND).

The Wuxi plant is Yakult's biggest in China, covering an area of 62,100 square meters. The plant's production capacity can reach 1.8 million bottles per day. The products are mainly aimed at consumers in East China and provinces nearby.

The exterior view of Wuxi Yakult Co. [Photo/bizwnd.com]

Transparent factory for public supervision

With rapid advances in technology, more and more different types of food additives have been introduced into the food industry which can often confuse consumers when they make choices based on taste, safety, and health.

To ensure consumers have complete confidence in Yakult's products, the company set up public passageways through its Wuxi plant so that customers can watch the drink being produced.

The plant also has an interactive multimedia hall so people are able to learn more about intestinal health and food safety.

The interactive multimedia exhibition hall at Wuxi Yakult Co. [Photo/bizwnd.com]

Excellent platform for production and R&D

Nakauchi Kiyoharu, deputy general manager of the Wuxi plant, said that WND is a perfect place to set up a production base because of its good location, convenient transportation and favorable environment.

Stable supply of water, electricity and gas is pivotal to the production of probiotics. WND provides a high-standard infrastructure for the Wuxi plant. Nakauchi also praised the service and efficiency of local government.

Researchers conduct experiments at Wuxi Yakult Co. [Photo/bizwnd.com]

Nakauchi was deeply impressed by the efficient government service of WND. "WND provides us with an excellent platform for production and R&D, with which we hope to make great efforts to promote Wuxi residents' health," Nakauchi said.

Promoting technology innovation

Yakult has always been at the forefront of probiotic research. It has set up two R&D bases employing hundreds of scientific researchers, one in Tokyo, Japan and the other in Ghent, Belgium.

In addition, Yakult (China) Investment Co. and Jiangnan University co-sponsored an off-campus training and research base on June 15 this year.

Wuxi-based Jiangnan University is one of China's national key "211 Project" universities and functions directly under China's Ministry of Education. The university ranks within the top 1 percent in food science, according to data from the Essential Science Indicators (ESI).

The training and research base not only provides opportunities for students to put their knowledge into practice but also promotes the R&D of probiotics with the university’s excellent talent pool and abundant scientific research resources. 

The opening ceremony of the off-campus training and research base at Yakult’s Wuxi plant. [Photo/bizwnd.com]

An enterprise spreading positive energy

Established in Japan in 1955, Yakult Honsha Co is a leading manufacturer of fermented diary drinks which are currently sold in 33 countries and regions across the world. The company produces probiotic yogurt for 35 million people every day, while spreading the healthy concept of probiotics.

Yakult cooperates with a school in a public welfare project. [Photo/bizwnd.com]

The Wuxi plant places great emphasis on saving energy and resources, using solar energy and LED lamp lighting. It also sticks strictly to the national wastewater discharge standard, in a bid to avoid pollution to rivers and lakes nearby. The wastewater discharged from the plant is clean enough that it can be used to keep fish and water plants.

Yakult's goal is for everyone to enjoy a healthy and happy life. In future, the Wuxi plant will aim to be the largest Yakult production base in the world, providing healthy food for more families.


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