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Q&A on investment in Wuxi (National) Software Park

By (chinadaily.com.cn)Updated: 2016-12-07 13:04

Q: Does the software park offer financial support to enterprises in residence?

A: The park has set up a service center of technology finance, integrating functions of technology banking, financial loans, industrial funds, financial guarantors, investments, asset evaluations, lawyers, accounting and consultation. For eligible companies, the park will recommend them to venture capital institutions, provide guarantees for loans from funding banks, make direct investments and equity participations and help companies apply for national, provincial and municipal funds. Eligible companies can also enjoy additional financial support. For example, companies will receive funds of more than 3 million yuan ($444,148) if they go public.

For more details, please log on to the website http://cn.bizwnd.gov.cn/sciencetf.html or contact via telephone +86 510-8102-3882.

Q: Are services on intellectual property available in the park?

A: Some law firms specializing in intellectual property law have settled in the technology financial service center. The center is located in the Pisces Building of the park (second phase).

For more details, please refer to the page http://cn.bizwnd.gov.cn/advisoryi.html

Q: Will the park offer enterprise employees apartments?

A: There are 227 living quarters in the first-phase park and 688 ones in the second-phase park. The living quarters include suites, as well as single, double, four-person and six-person accomodations. The park also offers facilities such as washing machines, fitness centers and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

For more details, please view the page http://www.ipark.net.cn/html/lehuo/. The leasing application is only available to companies. Individuals may rent apartments through companies. Tel: +86 510-8181-2105

Q: Does the park have large meeting rooms for rent?

A: Yes. The park has been built with a conference center and an exhibition center.

For a detailed introduction and rental prices, please view the page http://www.ipark.net.cn/html/lehuo/zulin/

Q: Are there any server hosting companies in the park?

A: The cloud computing center and Internet data center can provide server hosting services to ensure a stable IT environment.

For more details, please refer to the page http://cn.bizwnd.gov.cn/utilitiess.html or contact via telephone +86 510-8538-2508.

Q: How can I report any broken public facilities?

A: A 24-hour hot line service is available. Tel: +86 510-400-8828-510.

Q: How can I rent parking spaces?

A: Please refer to this page: http://www.ipark.net.cn/html/focus/notice/20140108909.html

Q: What project declaration services does the park offer?

A: Information about project declaration will be released on http://www.ipark.net.cn/. In addition, the park will suggest suitable projects, conduct preliminary reviews on companies’ application documents to help improve the documents, and aid companies in communication with relevant government departments. The industrial development department of the park is responsible for the above services. Tel: +86 510-8102-3882

Q: What are the timetables and routes of the park’s regular bus services?

A: The park has launched shuttle bus service. The details are as follows:

Shuttle buses in the park

iPark (second and third phases)

Intersection of Changjiang Road and Wangzhuang Road – Basketball court of Building Libra

Departure time: 7:25 am, 7:50 am, 8:25 am

Basketball court of Building Libra -- Intersection of Changjiang Road and Wangzhuang Road

Departure time: 5:35pm, 6:10 pm

iPark (first phase)

Rende Hospital – Third Chunchao residential area – Xinduhui residential area – Ruicheng Guoji residential area – Creative Industrial Park

Departure time: 8:30 am

Creative Industrial Park - Ruicheng Guoji residential area - Xinduhui residential area - Third Chunchao residential area - Rende Hospital

Departure time: 6:10 pm


Taxi booking hotline: 8800-8800

Park services hotline: +86 510-8521-0703

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