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Wuxi launches program to attract worldwide talents

(wndonline.cn)Updated: 2020-03-26


As the only National Sensor Network Innovation Demonstration Zone, Wuxi has become a national leader in the internet of things and the focal point of the new generation of information technology. [Photo/gmw.cn]

Wuxi in East China's Jiangsu province launched a new talent program recently to attract elite workers to help boost its modern industry.

The city has been running the Taihu Lake Talent Plan for years, achieving remarkable results in talent and industrial development. The new talent program will add improvements to the earlier plan.

In 2019, Wuxi won the title of the best city in China for attracting talents for its efforts in developing innovation projects, providing training courses and services for talents and give full financial support.

The new talent program consists of 12 measures in three aspects: providing more financial support, attracting talents in more fields and providing more opportunities for talents to show their strengths.

According to the program, up to 10 million yuan ($1.41 million) will be presented to each innovative entrepreneurial team that fits into the city's advanced manufacturing and future industries, and half of that sum will be granted to each of the most promising teams. Meanwhile, talent teams led by Nobel laureates, and domestic and international academicians can receive subsidies up to 100 million yuan.

Qualified overseas college students can obtain a housing allowance up to 300,000 yuan and a rent subsidy up to 1,500 yuan per month. The policy also allocates a housing allowance of 200,000 yuan for newly employed full-time PhD holders. College students from any the universities in China can receive a transport subsidy of up to 1,500 yuan each time they are invited to attend talent activities in Wuxi.

Wuxi will work to develop two innovation and entrepreneurship competitions to discover more talents. The Taihu Lake Cup competition, which takes entries until April 20, collects over 1,500 innovation projects from all over the world working on internet of things, new generation information technology, life technology and advanced manufacturing industries. The award-winning projects share a bonus pool of 300,000 yuan and enjoy preferential talent and financial policies if they develop in Wuxi valued at least 500,000 yuan.

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